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Moving forcasting model Essays (933 words) - Time Series Analysis

Moving forcasting model Moving forcasting model Determining Models and Types of Data In what manner can trendless information be assessed? Trendless information can be assessed by ascertaining a moving normal; this can likewise be alluded to as exponential smoothing. There are two principle sorts of moving midpoints: trailing or focused (Cooper How does a trailing-moving normal contrast with a focused moving normal? Trailing moving normal (TMA) is viewed as the most straightforward of the moving midpoints. TMA ascertains the moving normal throughout the last m time frames. The TMA smoothes the past vacillations in the time-arrangement, helping us see the example all the more unmistakably. The decision of m relies upon the circumstance (Cooper The bigger m would yield a smoother TMA however would require a greater number of information than a littler m. TMA is best viewed as a one-period-ahead estimate (Cooper With focused moving normal (CMA), the recipe looks both forward and in reverse in time, to communicate the current figure as the mean of the current perception and perceptions on either side of the current information (Cooper When n is an odd number it makes CMA simple to compute, anyway when m is even the equation computation turns out to be progressively intricate. The likeness is that both are utilized to smooth the information. A distinction is that TMA is taking a gander at forward an ideal opportunity to figure the normal and CMA looks in reverse and advances. When should exponential smoothing be utilized for information? Clarify with a model. At the point when the information is sporadic importance it is inadequate with regards to T or S or C parts, exponential smoothing is utilized to make a short run gauge. The exponential smoothing model is a unique sort of moving normal. It is utilized for progressing one-period-ahead guaging for information that has here and there developments however no steady pattern (Cooper This is a straightforward estimating model with two sources of info and one consistent. In exponential smoothing, what kind of smoothing consistent ought to be picked for small smoothing contrasted and moderate smoothing? The estimation of , called the smoothing steady, is the weight given to the most recent information (Cooper MINITAB utilizes a=.20 for the default on account of moderate smoothing. In this way if a=.50 it would be a case for small smoothing. In the event that a=.20 moderate smoothing would be the situation. Exploration Process What are the six phases in an examination procedure? Explaining the exploration question-A valuable method to move toward the examination procedure is to express the fundamental problem that prompts the exploration and afterward attempt to create different inquiries by continuously separating the first inquiry into increasingly explicit ones (Cooper and Schindler 2011 p.81). Proposing research-Without budgetary endorsement, many exploration endeavors are ended for absence of assets (Cooper and Schindler 2011 p.85). Planning the examination venture The exploration configuration is the outline for satisfying targets and responding to questions. Choosing a structure might be muddled by the accessibility of a huge assortment of strategies, methods, techniques, conventions, and testing plans (Cooper and Schindler 2011 p.88). Information assortment and readiness The social event of information may run from a basic perception at one area to an affected study of global companies at locales in various pieces of the world. The strategy chose will to a great extent decide how the information are gathered (Cooper and Schindler 2011 p.90). Information examination and translation Managers need data, not crude information. Specialists create data by breaking down information after its assortment (Cooper and Schindler 2011 p.90). Detailing the outcomes It is important to set up a report and transmit the discoveries and suggestions to the director for the planned reason for dynamic (Cooper and Schindler 2011 p.91). Which stage is the most hard to finish? Why? Which stage is the most significant? Why? Subsequent to perusing the content about the exploration procedure, I for one feel that stage 3, structuring the examination venture is the most troublesome of the 6 phases. This is on the grounds that there are such a significant number of choices to be made during this progression. Also this is the primary arranging phase of the task. Choosing a structure might be convoluted by the accessibility of a huge assortment of strategies, methods, methodology, conventions, and examining plans (Cooper and Schindler 2011 p. 88).

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Test-Optional Colleges Complete List of 500+ Schools

Test-Optional Colleges Complete List of 500+ Schools SAT/ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips SAT and ACT scores are normal affirmation necessities for school. However, imagine a scenario where I disclosed to you that you could get into an incredible school without taking both of these tests. View test-discretionary universities. Schools that are test discretionary don't expect you to submit SAT or ACT scoresbut will think about them whenever submitted. In this guide, we’ll clarify what test discretionary signifies for various schools before furnishing you with an exhaustive rundown of test-discretionary universities and colleges in the US. The initial two records will cover the best test-discretionary schools and colleges (i.e., those positioned in the main 100), and the last rundown will incorporate all other test-discretionary universities in the nation. En route, we'll additionally give you a couple of key tips on when you ought to and ought not send your SAT/ACT test scores to schools. What Does Test Optional Mean? First of all, what precisely are test-discretionary universities? At its most fundamental definition, test discretionary methods thatyou don't have to submit SAT or ACT scores to be considered for admission to a specific school. So while you may submit test scores on the off chance that you need, you are not really required to do as such. Universities that are test discretionary de-underline the significance of the SAT and ACT by making the tests a pointless segment of the confirmation procedure. So ifyou took the SAT or ACT however didn’t score as profoundly as you'd trusted you would, you can apply to test-discretionary schools so as to abstain from sending in any unacceptable grades that might hurt your application. All through this article, we allude to a school as being test discretionary if itdoes not inside and out require SAT or ACT scores from all undergrad candidates. All things considered, not all schools and colleges keep up similar arrangements with respect to their treatment of government sanctioned grades. Underneath, we take a gander at a portion of the ways test discretionary takes on new implications at various schools. Test Optional Genuinely test-discretionary schools are actually as they sound: you conclude whether you'd prefer to present your SAT/ACT test scores or not.In different words, you get the opportunity to decide how you need to introduce yourself to schools. For instance, in the event that you feel your SAT scores are disappointing, you may decide to withholdyour scores and rather choose reinforcing different pieces of your application, for example, your own announcement and resume. Well known test-discretionary schools and colleges incorporate Bowdoin College, Pitzer College, Wake Forest University, and Brandeis University. Test Flexible Test-adaptable schools are somewhat not quite the same as ordinary test-discretionary universities. At these schools, you may submitother test scores instead of SAT/ACT scores. Worthy scores will fluctuate contingent upon the foundation, yet you can for the most part satisfy the SAT/ACT necessity by submitting scores from SAT Subject Tests, AP tests, IB tests, and additionally school-regulated situation tests. Eminent test-adaptable schools incorporate NYU, Middlebury College, Drexel University, and the University of Rochester. Class Rank/GPA Substitution At certain schools, you may forego sending in your SAT/ACT scoresonly on the off chance that you meet your school's base required GPA or class rank. On the off chance that you meet these prerequisites, you will be naturally conceded. In the event that you don't meet these base necessities, be that as it may, you should then apply as you typically would and present your SAT/ACT scores with your application. Explicit prerequisites shift, however you'll normally require at any rate a positioning in the top 10% or a 3.5 unweighted GPA. Notable schools offering a class rank/GPA replacement strategy incorporate UT Austin, Texas AM, andWashington State University. Test Blind The last kind of test-discretionary school is a test-daze school. With this policy,SAT/ACT test scores arenotconsidered during the affirmation procedure, regardless of whether you remember them for your application. Right now, just one school-Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts-has this arrangement. Here's whatHampshire's authentic websitesays with respect to its one of a kind position on test scores: Not at all like 'test-discretionary' organizations, we won't think about SAT/ACT scores paying little mind to the score. Regardless of whether it’s an ideal score, it won't weigh into our appraisal of a candidate. These are the four primary kinds of test-discretionary strategies you’ll find in schools around the US. Presently, how about we investigate which top-level schools by and by have test-discretionary approaches. Best Test-Optional Colleges and Universities Despite the fact that by far most of top-level schools require SAT/ACT scores, a strong bunch of them-from famous human sciences schools to notable research colleges are test discretionary. The following are two records: the first showsall top-level test-discretionary aesthetic sciences schools, and the second containsall top-level test-discretionary research universities.Note that top level demonstrates any school positioned in the main 100 spots broadly (as per the 2019best national human sciences schools and best national colleges records inUS News). We urge you to skim the rundowns to see whether there are any schools that may intrigue you. Each test-discretionary universities list is organized sequentially, and you can utilize the ctrl + F capacity to search for explicit schools. Recollect that since schools' test-discretionary arrangements can change fundamentally, it's a smart thought to check with schools straightforwardly to get familiar with their individual SAT/ACT score approaches. The passageway to Pitzer College. (CampusGrotto/Flickr) Best Test-Optional Liberal Arts Colleges As of late, an ever increasing number of aesthetic sciences schools are starting to put less accentuation on SAT/ACT test scores. Accordingly, many top-level human sciences schools don't require government sanctioned grades for confirmation. Agnes Scott College (GA) Lawrence University (WI) Allegheny College (PA) Lewis and Clark College (OR) Augustana College (IL) Middlebury College (Test Flexible) (VT) Minstrel College (NY) Mount Holyoke College (MA) Bates College (ME) Muhlenberg College (PA) Beloit College (WI) Ohio Wesleyan University (OH) Bennington College (VT) Pitzer College (CA) Bowdoin College (ME) Holy person Mary's College (IN) Bryn Mawr College (PA) Sarah Lawrence College (NY) Colby College (Test Flexible) (ME) Sewanee - University of the South (TN) School of the Atlantic (ME) Skidmore College (NY) School of the Holy Cross (MA) Smith College (MA) Colorado College (Test Flexible) (CO) St. John’s College (MD) Connecticut College (CT) St. John’s College (NM) Cornell College (IA) St. Lawrence University (NY) Denison University (OH) Transylvania University (KY) Dickinson College (PA) Trinity College (CT) Earlham College (IN) Association College (NY) Franklin and Marshall College (PA) College of Puget Sound (WA) Furman University (SC) Ursinus College (PA) Gettysburg College (PA) Wesleyan University (CT) Gustavus Adolphus College (MN) Wheaton College (MA) Hamilton College (Test Flexible) (NY) Whitman College (WA) Hobart and William Smith Colleges (NY) Willamette University (OR) Kalamazoo College (MI) Wofford College (SC) Knox College (IL) Sources: FairTest,The Washington Post Texas Memorial Stadium at UT Austin. (Wes Browning/Flickr) Best Test-Optional Research Universities Albeit most research colleges require SAT/ACT scores, the accompanying top-positioned colleges don't require them by any means. Five of the schools on this rundown Wake Forest, Rochester, Brandeis, NYU, and UChicago-are additionally positioned among the main 40 colleges across the nation! American University (DC) College of Chicago (IL) Brandeis University (MA) College of Delaware (DE) Clark University (MA) College of Rochester (Test Flexible) (NY) George Washington University (DC) College of Texas at Austin (Top 8%) (TX) New York University (Test Flexible) (NY) Wake Forest University (NC) Texas AM University - College Station (Top 10%) (TX) Worcester Polytechnic Institute (MA) Sources:FairTest,The Washington Post Would it be a good idea for you to Submit Test Scores to Test-Optional Colleges? On the off chance that you’re applying to outstanding amongst other test-discretionary schools or colleges recorded above, you may be pondering whether you ought to present your SAT/ACT test scores or not. What's more, the response to this inquiry relies upon a couple of key elements, which we clarify underneath. Present Your SAT/ACT Scores If †¦ You got a high SAT/ACT score. On the off chance that you came to (or outperformed) your objective score and are well over your school’s normal, presenting your grades will surrender you a leg in the confirmation procedure by further underlining your scholarly potential. Your school suggests submitting them. Regardless of whether the SAT/ACT is discretionary for a school, a few schools still unequivocally propose sending them in. In these cases, it’s normally best to simply tune in to your schools and present your grades at any rate. You didn’t step through any SAT Subject Examinations, AP tests, or IB tests (or, then again, didn’t excel on any of them). Test-adaptable schools permit you to submit other grades instead of SAT/ACT scores. In any case, on the off chance that you didn’t step through some other examinations or didn’t do just as you'd needed to on them, feel free to present your (ideally better) SAT/ACT scores. Try not to Submit Your SAT/ACT Scores If †¦ You got a low SAT/ACT score. On the off chance that you neglected to hit your objective score on test day, withholdyour scores and rather center around fortifying other key pieces of your school applications. Thusly, your SAT/A

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Food Van Business Plan Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Food Van Business Plan - Case Study Example Our lord gourmet specialist group will supervise the entire procedure and guarantee that the wellbeing guidelines have followed. Our nourishments will improve the prosperity of our clients and henceforth our food will be set up to have that as a primary concern (Myrick 2012, p.23). Our flame broiled chicken is set up in an advantageous manner utilizing new fixings. Each serving includes a thrilling taste that is engaging the clients. Our fish and veggies are pre-whitened and cleanly arranged and fixed in a manner that is speaking to the clients. The veggies are being slashed and pressed newly to guarantee that their characteristic tastes are kept up. All requesting, loading and quality controls are overseen by on an in-house PC based framework empowering use examples to be observed keeping up requesting productivity and limiting wastage. Our clients can have their requests conveyed at their goal inside the grounds. The business is a benefit making association will target guaranteeing that the creation cost is lower than the deals. Toward the start of every day, the van will show up at the help kitchen where the nourishments will be stacked with the day’s dinners. This will guarantee that the flexibly of requested food is consistent and no burdens are experienced. Advancement of our items will be at offering blessings and dying down costs on specific days. These endeavors will keep up client reliability and guarantee that clients have trust in the sorts of nourishments we offer.â

Mun,delegate of australia Free Essays

The agent of Australia Is exceptionally eager to work together with delegates and take an interest In this lofty meeting. Today our designation Is here to talk about two of the most exasperating issues on the planet. It is an incredible worry to our kin, and we are certain that it is an extraordinary worry to the whole world too. We will compose a custom exposition test on Mun,delegate of australia or then again any comparative point just for you Request Now The house is here to right off the bat examine the Rebuilding South Sedan’s Economy, following its Recent Independence and Ongoing Conflict with Sudan. As another country, South Sudan is fabricating some of TTS establishments from the very beginning, with center managerial structures and systems of political portrayal starting to develop. The Government Is as yet attempting to offer essential types of assistance for most of the populace. Since the nation autonomy in July 201 1, high swelling has been influencing the economy, which remains moderately lacking. Besides, the HIVE infection, most generally known as AIDS. AS every one of you know, Eliminating Stigma and Discrimination Against those Infected with HIVE/. They tend also experiences a colossal absence of slat care, which quickens the population’s demise rate. The HEADWINDS is influencing 1. 1 million individuals in the country,therefore they are driven away from their homes and are left In neediness. CLC. Because of Its history of such huge numbers of common wars, illnesses and demise rates are continually expanding in The broad demolition of homes and medical clinics has left youngsters without families and numerous individuals with afflictions and wounds. On account of the nation neediness, state wellbeing offices offer no treatment for HIVE/AIDS other than willful tests and chamber. The HEADWINDS infection goes about as a huge brake on the financial development and improvement of the nation, since the individuals influenced are driven away from their Jobs. Thus we encourage all agents of the house to cast a ballot for our goals. TLS agent of Australia wishes to contribute and work together with different representatives to tackle these earnest issues. Much obliged to you for your consideration Topic 1: following quite a while of merciless common war that left more than two million dead, the crushed and incomprehensibly immature southern piece of Sudan made sure about Its Independence In 011. The world’s most youthful nation appeared in the midst of incredible difficulties. Withdrawal from Sudan denoted a significant achievement and open door for South Sudanese, however the incipient state has stayed delicate. During its first long periods of autonomy, an oil stalemate with neighboring Sudan, between common brutality, determined uprisings by splinter state army gatherings, progressively compelled political space, debasement, and restricted financial open doors grieved the youthful country. At that point, In 2013. Force battle inside the decision ideological group transformed Into an outfitted clash, first in the city of the capital city, and afterward the nation over. South Sedan’s most recent war has executed thousands and uprooted right around one million individuals. Albeit an end of threats understanding has since been marked, it isn't being implemented. As South Sudanese try to push ahead, they need to fabricate stable comprehensive national discourse p rocess, security area change, and genuine responsibility measures are expected to address the underlying drivers of South Sedan’s savagery. Something else, the proceeded with savagery raises the ghost of further monstrosity violations, and ungenerous destabilize ramifications for the area. Industry and foundation in landlocked South Sudan stay restricted, forcing restrictive expenses on the acquisition and conveyance of alleviation things and other operational exercises. Occasional downpours and yearly flooding render enormous pieces of the nation distant by street among June and November. Between ethnic clashes proceed in different pieces of the nation, causing inner and cross-outskirt uprooting. In Jingle, more than 132,000 were dislodged by August 2013. The pace of displaced person deluges from Sudan stays significant, with right around 6,700 people enlisted among January and August 2013 in Unity and Upper Nile states. The South Sudanese specialists keep on giving security and wellbeing to more than 234,000 displaced people in the nation and have designated land for two new exile camps in Unity and Upper Nile States. Following the production of the Commission for Refugee Affairs in mid 2013, the specialists set up a standard nearness in the displaced person facilitating regions, guaranteeing powerful coordination with helpful entertainers on the ground. In a recently autonomous country, portions of the populace stay in danger of coming stateless by goodness of being of blended Sudanese-South Sudanese parentage, starting from outskirt regions, or having dwelled in Sudan for an all-encompassing timeframe. Subject 2 entertainers that add to Wealds-related disgrace include: HIVE/AIDS is a hazardous ailment, and consequently individuals respond to it in solid manners. HIVE contamination is related with practices, (for example, homosexuality, chronic drug use, prostitution or indiscrimination) that are as of now deride in numerous social orders. The vast majority become tainted with HIVE through sex, which regularly conveys moral things. There is a great deal of mistaken data about how HIVE is transmitted, making nonsensical conduct and misguided judgments of individual hazard. HIVE contamination is frequently thought to be the consequence of individual flightiness. Strict or moral convictions lead a few people to accept that being contaminated with HIVE is the aftereffect of good shortcoming, (for example, indiscrimination or ‘deviant sex’) that has the right to be rebuffed. The impacts of intervocalic treatment on people’s physical appearance can bring about constrained revelation and segregation dependent on appearance Instructions to refer to Mun,delegate of australia, Papers

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Essay Topics

Essay TopicsMany people will look for English General Essay topics that they can use to satisfy the criteria for a writing assignment. However, because of the number of things that an essay should cover, you might be wondering how do you choose the perfect topics.The best way to find the right general essay topics is to follow your own instincts. The basic rules are to give enough attention to the points that you want to make, but not to try to tackle too many topics at once. Some people like to organize their essay topics, some like to think in abstract terms, and others prefer to stick to their own individual opinions.The best way to figure out the general essay topics that suit you the best is to take a step back and really think about what you want to say. Next, figure out what it is that you want to talk about. Finally, ask yourself if you have studied or researched the topic to see if there are already resources that will help you in your essay.When you choose the topics for yo ur English General Essay, you may also want to think about whether you want to deal with actual events, such as war, public speaking, a big public speaking experience, or another aspect of life you've had to deal with, or the topic of religion. If you're looking to use the topic of religion, you might want to think about anything from an experience at church to anything you've read about religious people and their lives. You might want to include topics like your own personal experiences.When choosing general essay topics, you might also want to think about whether you want to talk about your beliefs, past or present. If you're looking to talk about your beliefs, then consider topics like your childhood or church, for example. This type of essay has specific guidelines you need to follow when researching and writing your topic.When writing general essay topics, you may also want to consider whether you're writing to impress someone else or yourself. If you have a question to ask you rself, whether it's about your life, your opinions, or some other topic, then writing about that topic may be appropriate. However, if you're just thinking about whether you should say something to impress someone else, writing about something you'd like to say is generally not a good idea.When choosing your English General Essay topics, you might also want to think about what would really be helpful to read about. If you're studying something, you might want to include things about your study, a review of a book you've read, or even just the reviews of other students' work. When writing about what you read, you might also want to think about whether you would want to re-read certain sections to better understand it.English General Essay topics can vary depending on your interests, your personality, and your research. If you want to learn more about these topics, and to get tips for writing about them, you might want to check out College Essay Tips. This site includes tips on writin g, researching, and choosing topic topics.

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Defense Mechanisms in One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest - Literature Essay Samples

Ken Keseys One Flew Over the Cuckoos Nest, mainly takes place in an Oregon psychiatric hospital ward controlled by Nurse Ratched according to a precise schedule and strict rules. The narrator, Chief Bromden, describes many patients in this ward, all of which have different problems and reasons for being there. Among the characteristics of the patients, each person has a unique defense mechanism, which they used to shield themselves from their problems in outside society. Each individuals way of protection can be viewed as intentional or subconscious. Three characters that play an important role in this story, Chief Bromden, Dale Harding, and Billy Bibbit, each make their defense mechanisms apparent while they are in the ward. At many points in the story, Chief Bromden tells the reader that the ward is fogged to some extent. Chief, a paranoid schizophrenic patient, believes that his hallucinations of the clouded ward are real, and doesnt understand how something that he can see might be in his imagination. According to Chief, the fog is created by a machine and clouds the ward by coming in through the vents. We learn from Bromden that the images of fog that he generates originate from his days in the army during WWII. Machines similar to the one that is supposedly kept in the ward had been used while Chief was in Europe to produce a fog over Allied airfields so that German bombers would have trouble seeing their targets. The comparison is made that Chiefs fog shields him from reality, as it had shielded him from enemies and danger during the war. Chief recognizes that if he stays still and keeps quiet when the ward is fogged, he can be protected from the outside world, which has treated him cruelly in the past. This is evident when McMurphy is admitted into the ward, and begins to demand reforms and changes within the Big Nurses schedule and rules. At this point, Chief is disturbed by the thought of reality, and describes the fog as being thicker. The last few days they been doing it more and more. Its my idea theyre doing it on account of McMurphy (118), says Chief. As Chief becomes more comfortable with McMurphys presence, the thickness of the fog and the frequency at which it appears decreases. We see this in the chapter after McMurphy has rallied the men to watch the blank TV set during the World Series, we let McMurphy lure us out of the fog (130), says Chief. Finally, when McMurphy has helped Chief regain his confidence and return to his old size, Chief knows that he no longer needs to be protected from outside society, and the fog leaves him for good. Dale Harding, another patient who plays an important role in this story, uses his intellect as a defense mechanism. When McMurphy enters the ward, Chief describes the conversation between Harding and McMurphy, in which Harding provides some important information about the ward and its patients. By this conversation, and the fact that Harding is the president of the Patients Counsel, we learn that Harding takes leadership among the other patients. The reader soon learns that Harding cannot take such leadership outside of the ward, where his dominating wife, Vera, leads him to believe that he is incompetent. He is troubled and confused with other men taking interest in his wife, who responds to the men with the same attitude that they show her. Harding needs the ward, and voluntarily resides there because he is aware of his lack of leadership and control living with his wife in the outside world. When Vera comes to the ward to visit Harding, they immediately begin to act bitter towards each other and put one another down. While they exchange words, Harding shows that Vera degrades him and makes him feel incompetent by telling McMurphy, You dont have to apologize for my inadequacies, my friend (159). Thanks to McMurphys inspiration, Harding checks out of the ward on his own late in the book, just as he had planned. I want my wife to be he re in a car at a certain time to pick me up. I want them to know I was able to do it that way (257), says Harding when he is sure that he has overcome what had been keeping him inside the ward.When Billy Bibbit is described speaking to someone, it is obvious that he cannot form a sentence without stuttering. Although Billy cannot help speaking with a stutter, this speech impediment serves as his defense mechanism. This problem allows Billy to voluntarily check into the ward, where he is not forced to interact with other people in normal society. Coming into the ward has been good for Billy, who was having problems with functioning in normal social situations, and possessed little to no self-confidence. Billy is able to express his desire for a normal life, and his belief that he is unable to achieve one when he says, You think I wuh-wuh-wuh-want to stay in here? You think I wouldnt like a con-con-vertible and a guh-guh-girl friend? But did you ever have people l-l-laughing at y ou? (168). The reader can soon trace Bibbits problem back to his overbearing mother, and the way that she has treated him throughout his whole life. We see the extent to which Billy is affected by his mothers childlike treatment when Chief tells a story of Billys mother taking her son by the hand and bringing him outside on the grass, where he lay next to her with his head on her lap. Chief says that when Billy mentioned he would like to go to college and get a wife someday, his mother simply laughed at such foolishness (247). Chief tells the reader that a moment like this involving Billys mother embarrassed the rest of us as much as it did Billy (246). After Billy has sex with Candy, he gains confidence, and speaks clearly without stuttering. His stutter quickly returns though, at the very mention of Nurse Ratched calling his mother to tell her what Billy has done. Billy becomes frantic, and is so afraid of his mothers disapproval that he kills himself by slitting his throat with an instrument from the doctors desk. At that point it had become obvious that the ward would no longer protect him from his mother, from whom he had come there to escape. Patients in the ward are shielded from the outside world and society in different ways. While Bromden has hallucinations of the fogged ward, Harding uses his intellect and Billy Bibbit speaks with a stutter. By the time Chief has escaped the ward, it is not necessary for any of these characters to continue to protect themselves with their defense mechanisms. Bromden and Harding are both able to return to normal society by the end of the story, and no longer worry about life in the outside world as they did before McMurphy arrived at the ward.